The Real Estate Fisherman
(Fixer Jay's 5th Published Book)

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How Mom & Pop Investors Can Create Huge Wealth

How to create enough cash flow to quit your job.

Learn how financing can make any property cash flow.


Learn: Millionaire Secrets From a High School Dropout

Seizing deals your competiton doesn't know about.

You must choose the right vehicle to get to the mountain top.


Kiss Your Boss Goodbye

Earning invisible income, pay no taxes...all perfectly legally.

Why seller financing & terms create biggest paydays.

About the Author

Jay P.DeCima, aka "Fixer Jay" is an investor and best selling author with more than 260,000 published books sold. He is widely regarded as the undisputed king of fixer upper real estate on the national teaching circuit. Jay levels the playing field....Blue collar workers and Harvard graduates are equal when it comes to making BIG money with small investment properties.

Fixer Jay's has nearly 50 years experience. Since 1977 he has specialized in fixing up ugly houses and small apartment buildings. Jay is also a successfut career-changer, having worked over 20 years for the telephone company before switchingfull-time real estate investing in 1979.

Today, Jay spends the majority of his time managing and overseeing his investment houses and training others who wish to pursue this lucrative profession, whether it be full or part-time.

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