He is a seasoned real estate investor with nearly 50 years of experience.  Since 1977 he has specialized in fixing up ugly houses and small apartment buildings.  Jay is also a successful career-changer, having worked over twenty years for the telephone company before switching to full-time real estate investing in 1979.  Today, Jay spends the majority of his time managing and overseeing his investment houses and training others who wish to pursue this lucrative profession! 

About thirty years ago, jay began teaching others his “high profit” adding value strategies and today is widely regarded as the undisputed king of fix-up on the national teaching circuit!  1-2 times a year, Jay personally conducts his popular 3-Day INVESTOR TRAINING SEMINAR where students are taught the business of real estate investing and how adding value can produce cash flow in any market.  This seminar is ideally suited for career changers and average working folks who seek an added income.  Once each year, Jay teaches his “Street-Savvy” landlording seminar – “MANAGING TENANTS AND TOILETS”, which many regard as the best “how to” seminar in the country for hands-on owners.

Jay has authored 5 best-selling “How To” books, published by McGraw-Hill and Thomson-Shore Publishers,

 “INVESTING IN FIXER-UPPERS” was voted the No. 1 real estate book for 2003 by the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Sun. 

“START SMALL, PROFIT BIG IN REAL ESTATE” advises readers how to develop a 2 year plan for building wealth, starting from scratch and create enough cash flow to quit their day job.  

“GOLD MINE HOUSES” teaches readers how small apartments and multiple houses (colonies) can speed up wealth, produce quicker income, and provide a worry-free retirement.  

His first 4 books sold over 265,000 copies.  Amazon tells us that a successful business book is one that sells 7,000 copies.  Wow - Go Jay.  

His 5th book (early 2016), THE REAL ESTATE FISHERMAN is sure to be another best seller.

Jay’s recession-proof investment strategies will work nearly anywhere, regardless of an up or down economy.

A family man with teenagers ready to begin college, Dan needed bigger paydays, plus a reliable income source and, he needed both very quickly.  After a short period of flipping properties and rehabbing million dollar houses in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area, Dan attended a Fixer Jay Seminar.  Convinced that around the clock income would provide much better security' than flipping houses, he began acquiring affordable rental properties and has never looked back!  Dan is living proof that the American Dream is alive and well.  At seminars, Dan will take you through the steps of how ordinary working folks, can switch careers and become successful real estate investors in a reasonable period of time, WITHOUT STARTING WITH A BOATLOAD OF CASH.

Dan is the founder and past president of Capital City Wealth Builders; the largest real estate investment club in Sacramento, CA.  He brought together the region’s and country’s best real estate experts to share information and money making ideas with the club via its monthly meetings and training workshops. 

Dan writes and teaches of the many ways to make big money in real estate, from other than just rents and appreciation.  He buys and makes money creatively from which you'll learn is much faster than most investors. One of the things Dan teaches is that you do not need to know everything about real estate TODAY; you need to get started and build on what you already know.  He teaches you how to make money by better management of marginal tenants.  He teaches, seller financing, adding value to run down houses and how to buy back seller notes (at substantial discounts).

One thing that will be obvious to you - Dan has FUN teaching.  The FUN is contagious and gives you a whole new way of reducing complicated projects down to everyday profit making ventures.