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Online Real Estate Investor Training Seminar/Course


So, I've shown you as much as possible in this short time we've had.  YOU already know if you want to learn more. That is why I created & undated this seminar over the last 28 years. Don't reinvent the wheel.  My entire 3-day Live seminar audio is included.


I already did "the heavy lifting" and created this roadmap for your profitable real estate investing this year.  Don't make the same expensive mistakes on time wasting things that I did. 


I show you where to find my COLONY HOUSES (choosing the right vehicle).  I show you why 95% of property for sale is not profitalbe for you.  Only put your money making techniques to work on properties that generate cash NOW, or very shortly. 


The best part about this is that I show you, in detail, how to finance these properties with seller financing I (like gold to you)..... wiithout starting with a boatload of money. I show you why seller's want to carry the financing, some even insisting on it.


You'll get access to the seminar course inside you private, password protectedd library to view on all your devices, anytime & anywhere. This course and any other online courses from us (free or purchased) will reside in this same library.

It's the exact seminar I have been teaching LIVE for 28 years (updated when approriate).

Inside my seminar you'll find 18 audio and text chapters that will help you succeed with your real estate investing.  Many, many  hundreds of my former students have already become very successful.....BOTH with financial  and personal success.

PDFs of all chapter text.  To follow the audio on a hard copy or to create a course workbook. (yes, you will use some ink and paper, but no shipping cost or sales tax).

Let me help you!

Fixer Jay DeCima

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